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• • •ღ"Je suis votre nouvelle obsession."ღ• • •
  • I’m back.


    So I finally decided to dust off my tumblr account. Holy geez man. The account has been cleared of old posts and is now up and running. Yay!

    Welcome back. <3


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  • Pokemon Cosplayers. <3

    Ninetails. <3

    Chattot. <3

    Espeon. <3

    Azumarill. <3

    Clefairy. <3

    Milotic. <3

    Minun and Plusle. <3

    Roselia. <3

    Bellossom. <3

    Spiritomb. <3

    Chikorita. <3

    Absol. <3

    Haunter. <3

    Hitmonchan. <3

    Houndour. <3

    Jolteon. <3

    Staraptor. <3

    Luxray. <3

    Manectric. <3

    Porygon-Z. <3


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  • Cute bunnies~
Go get the carrot. &lt;3

    Cute bunnies~

    Go get the carrot. <3


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  • Mukuro and Chrome. <3


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  • Yohio. &lt;3
I think you&#8217;re super amazing.

    Yohio. <3

    I think you’re super amazing.


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  • Hunger Games Joke.

    Are you Team Katniss?

    Or maybe Team Peeta?

    Possibly, both?

    If you’re for both of them,

    You shall refer to yourselves as:

    "Team Peniss".


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  • cherryblossomsparkle said: do you like kandi?

    Hmm.. Kandi?

    If you’re referring to sweets, yes.


    Kandi, the singer?

    Eh, not so much; I just know who she is. :3



  • Fuck school.

    I just want it to be DONE.


  • dryaoi said: You forgot about me on that love list.

    It’s a “love list”, not “List of Mentally Retarded People”.
    If it was, Hunny, you’d be the first one on the list.
    No doubt.

    You must be either into me or jealous of me.
    The fact that you stalk my Tumblr.
    AFTER saying it hurts your eyes.
    So contradictory. So hypocritical. So whiny.

    I matter to you, don’t I? c:
    But then again.. I am loved by many.
    Even by Mentally Retarded people like you.

    In fact, that’s the only thing you did today;
    No sign of updating your blog!
    I feel super famous and special! Thanks!
    People like you make me so popular.


  • Anonymous said: wl?1t3 4 }{41%u

    Haii. What’s up, stalker. c;
    Are you jelly?
    Cause my grass is always greener than yours?
    And cause I’m out of your league?

    I’m better than you.


  • dryaoi said: Uhh okay, whatever. also your blog design is hurting my eyes

    I’m not here to please you, bitch.
    Nor will I ever please someone as filthy as you.
    Fuck off my page, whore.


  • dryaoi said: uhm idk how i would be associated with someone you know. I live in Sweden, not America.

    I’m sure you do.
    Frankly idgaf.
    Haters gonna hate.
    I bet you’re ugly as shit IRL.
    And no one likes your ass.
    You vent it out on people who you know has many lovers and friends.
    Fuck off bitch.
    Go eat your fucking Swedish crepes.
    Lmfao, stuff your face.

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  • dryaoi said: Who the heck is "her"? what

    If you had read my other “anonymous” posts,
    you’d probably see that (since you’ve been stalking my ancient posts)
    I have never EVER.
    Gotten any complaints by people.
    When someone illiterate was trying to point me out,
    But of course, it didn’t work.
    So I’m pretty sure who you’re affiliated with.
    Don’t deny it.
    It’s way too coincidental.
    You guys aren’t very good at lying.
    Lmfao. Nor are you good at staying anonymous.
    Gtfo my page.


  • dryaoi said: Seriously? Do you HAVE to push memes into everything? and how you fucking link your own tumblr in everything is just disgusting. "Hey look at me guys I'm so creative" Guess what dumbnut, ragecomics have never been creative. And hating on this "jealous ex" for her having a much wider vocabulary than you? Seriously? Oh and one more thing. How you fucking call yourself a classy girl in that ragecomic where that person hits on your boyfriend. The things you "said" does not make you classy. Good day.

    Go away.
    No one invited you to my page.
    So, as it’s always been said?


  • dryaoi said: Since I ran out of letters in my last ask, Why the fuck do you call it stealing images, when you obviously stole that troll cake yourself? Just google "troll cake" it's all over place. Just quit what you're doing and think about it for a while. Inb4 you post these 2 asks in a ragecomic and post it because you're just sooooo creative. and no I'm not sending this anonymously, I'm giving you a chance to reply in private if you feel like shit over this. Which you should.

    You’re obviously one of her raging friends.
    I have no guilt over anything that I did.
    I don’t even care if I post this publically; YOU CARE. c: So fuck you.



    ღOut Of Your League.ღ